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About Us

Stop Searching · Start Seeing

Stickyize™ (STICKY-EYES) is a new way to look at reading glasses. If you've lost countless pairs of reading glasses, or spent valuable time digging through drawers, inside pockets, and even between the couch cushions, then Stickyize is for you. Save time and frustration by storing your glasses right where you need them. And so much “cooler” than dangling reading glasses around your neck!

Our Story

We created Stickyize magnetic reading glasses to help solve a common problem: misplacing and losing reading glasses. If you’re like us, you’ve wasted valuable time searching for your reading glasses— in coat pockets, purses, drawers, etc. It’s frustrating! That’s why we decided to create a better way to keep reading glasses right where you need them—helping you stay more organized, while saving valuable time and money.

Stay Organized

It’s simple. Each pair of readers features steel inlays and comes with a powerful neodymium magnet. Stick the magnet to the surface of your choice—including metallic, acrylic, and wood—and then attach the glasses to the magnet.
Stop searching. Start seeing.


Woman-Owned Business




High Quality Materials


Free Shipping in U.S.

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