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  • What makes Stickyize™ unique from other reading glasses?
    Simply put, we think our readers—and the Stickyize system- are the best. Each pair of Stickyize features steel inlays on both temple pieces designed to attach securely to the included neodymium magnet. These reading glasses are more than just readers. The glasses and the magnet combine to create a new way to keep your reading glasses exactly where you need them—without having to attach them to your person.
  • Why Stickyize?
    We wanted to create a line of reading glasses that were affordable, high quality, stylish, and most importantly, provided a way to save time and get organized! You can read more about our story here.
  • There are other readers and accessories designed to help consumers from misplacing them. How are Stickyize different?
    Common methods for keeping track of reading glasses are to attach them physically to your person, e.g., around the neck, wrist, on the front of a shirt, etc. Stickyize™ allows people the freedom to NOT have their glasses attached to their person, yet still have their reading glasses conveniently on hand.
  • Are Stickyize reading glasses durable?
    Yes, Stickyize reading glasses are made from premium cellulose acetate. Cellulose acetate is one of the strongest and most durable materials available for eyeglasses. Cellulose acetate is made from a renewable resource, that is both lightweight and strong. It is hypoallergenic and is considered the highest quality plastic material for eyeglasses. Additionally, cellulose acetate offers the widest range of stunning, rich colors.
  • Can you explain how the system works?
    Attach the magnet anyplace you commonly need your reading glasses. The magnet can be attached with or without the 3M adhesive foam backing depending on the surface. Fold and hover your Stickyize over the magnet to click-and-stick them into place. That’s it! Now your glasses will be right where you left them (and not cluttering up your desk, the counter, nightstand, etc.)
  • Do I need the 3M foam adhesive on a metallic surface?
    You can attach the neodymium magnet directly to most metallic surfaces. To test, simply hover the magnet over the surface, and if it sticks, then you don’t need the 3M backing. You will need the 3M backing on surfaces like wood.
  • I just got my Stickyize but don’t know where to put them, any ideas?
    Great locations for Stickyize include: File cabinet, file holder, metal cart/shelving, refrigerator, inside/outside kitchen cupboards, range hood, knife rack, nightstand, medicine cabinet, reading lamp, toolbox, tool cart, car visor, car console, fuse box, golf cart, boat or anywhere you need your reading glasses! Watch our video…
  • Does the magnet work best horizontally or vertically?
    For the best possible hold, position your magnet vertically. However, horizontal does work in many applications.
  • Why aren’t there two magnets for every pair of Stickyize?
    The Stickyize system is designed to help you get in the habit of attaching your glasses to the magnet exactly where you need them. If you’re wearing them around the house, office, etc., chances are you’ll misplace them. With Stickyize, the glasses stay put and are right where you need them.
  • Is there any special care when handling a neodymium magnet?
    Please see our neodymium magnet warning page.
  • What if I want to change the location of my Stickyize?
    Each magnet comes with a 3M adhesive backing that comes off easily with a product like Goo Gone. Simply spray around the top of the magnet and work a small plastic putty knife under the magnet until it loosens. Note: once you remove the 3M backing, it will need to be discarded. However, the magnet can stick to any ferromagnetic surface, such as a metal file cabinet or the side of a refrigerator, without the backing. And, most hardware stores carry replacement 3M foam strips.

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