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A message from Kim...



You are among a select group of people who are testing Stickyize™ magnetic reading glasses.  Thank you for agreeing to try them out in your home (or car, garage, etc.). My team has been working hard at building out the next steps in our story—and it starts with you!

We know everyone is busy, and time is precious.  That’s the inspiration behind Stickyize.  If you’ve spent (er, wasted!) valuable time rummaging through pockets and drawers searching for your reading glasses, then you understand why we started Stickyize.  What could be simpler than sticking-and-clicking your reading glasses where you need them? 

If you have not found a spot for your Stickyize, please watch this quick video we put together (below) showing where I chose to put them in my house.  As a reminder, if you are sticking the magnet to a ferromagnetic surface (e.g., the side of the refrigerator) you do NOT need the 3M adhesive backing.

Once you’ve had a chance to test this system out, we’d love it if you’d post a picture or a video (no more than 30 seconds) to your Instagram story tagging us @stickyize.  Want to share your feedback in a different way?  We’ll be following up in a few weeks with an anonymous survey, and of course,  text or call me directly if you want to chat.

Some ideas for your post:

  • Wow!  I didn’t lose my reading glasses for a whole week….and counting!  #stickyize #organization

  • Feeling Zen now that I always know where my reading glasses are!  #stickyize #zen #happy

  • I love these new magnetic reading glasses!  The search is over!  #stickyize #newproduct #readers

  • The ultimate life hack! #lifehack #stickyize #happy

  • Reading glasses have never looked so good!  #tahitiblue #stickyize #style #styleinspiration


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out. 


Thank you,



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